Reading Together: Experience the Benefits of Reading A Book With Your Kids

When you think of your childhood, you will inevitably have a recollection of a small child reading a book or two. Whether or not you read books for school or for fun, reading (or learning how to read!) is a part of growing up. After all, reading has always been a core skill that everyone should learn. However, the benefits of reading a book aren't just limited to literacy reasons!

Getting your child into the habit of reading can greatly help them in their future. Whether you read fairy tales, classical novels, or even just a short comic to your kids before bedtime, reading is easily one of the best ways to spend time with your children.

Learn more about the benefits of reading a book to your kids and which children’s books available in the Philippines you and your kids can enjoy!


What are the benefits of reading to your kids?

Reading aloud to your children is not only a fun and rewarding bonding activity with your kids, but it’s also a great way to give them a boost in life. While reading in itself can give you a lot of benefits, it’s especially beneficial for young children and even infants.


Here are some of the benefits of reading a book with your children:


Enhanced communication skills

Reading is an excellent way to develop a person’s communication skills, even more so for kids and infants. Daily readings between a parent and a child helps in language acquisition, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. In turn, this helps your kids to get a better handle of key language, literacy, and social skills.

One of the benefits of reading for young students is that they also get a better grasp of written and spoken language faster. This allows them to be more articulate and, in terms of writing and reading, identify grammatical structures and more descriptive words.


Supported cognitive development

When it comes to learning, reading is one of the best ways to aid and assist your brain. In fact, reading greatly stimulates brain activity because it makes readers focus on a specific activity at hand. As a result, more brain regions are engaged when your child reads.

Reading also assists your child’s cognitive development, which points to their ability to think, recall important points, solve problems, and  make decisions. Aside from gaining a better understanding of the language, children who experience reading with an adult have a wider perception of their environment. This is because reading helps them to process their thoughts and think critically.

For older children, reading through books critically can be a good practice. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or lengthy book. All you have to do is guide your child in following the thought processes and the plot of the book more closely to help them see connections between people, locations, and even events.

One of the benefits of critical reading for young children is that it opens them up to the world. Reading lets children encounter perspectives and worldviews different from their own. This lets them to be more reflective and have a clearer understanding of their beliefs.


Higher chances of academic success

The stereotype that bookworms are more successful academically is quite reductive, but that doesn’t mean that it has no basis. For students, reading is a large part of their academic lives. In fact, studies consistently show that students who read beyond the classroom assignment perform better in class as well.


One of the benefits of reading for younger students is that they get to encounter more words, ideas, and general information than a child who doesn’t read a lot. Young children who experience reading with their parents also get to develop the following essential early reading skills:


  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Reading Fluency


While students will inevitably get to develop these skills as they enter school, one of the benefits of reading a book with your child is that early readers get a headstart with these skills. As a result, readers have an easier time understanding their school work and excelling in school.


Better social interactions

Readers generally get to see a variety of different emotions and relationships through the different stories they read. One of the benefits of reading a book is that children get more perceptive of such relations, even in real life. Developing empathy and understanding human relationships help children process their emotions and respond to social situations more calmly and appropriately.


Closer relationships between parent and child

Time between parents and their kids is important. After all, any bonding activity with parents can be used to forge stronger foundations in their relationships. Reading is a great avenue to strengthen your bond while helping your child cognitively develop.


Reading together also helps your child express themselves more to you. It gives you a common discussion point with your child, allowing them to talk to you about the things they like and the things they find important or interesting. As a parent, it’s both fun and important to take note of these things as a way to get to know them!


Reading Recommendations for Kids

Finding the perfect book for your bedtime stories is essential if you want to make reading time enjoyable for your children. Storybooks for children aren’t really long or complicated, so pick ones that highlight values or lessons that you want them to learn. Whether you’re reading a short story, a classic fairy tale, or finishing a novel chapter-by-chapter, make sure that you’re reading a story that you and your kids will enjoy!


Here are some awesome children’s books from our reading list:


Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

This classic Dr. Seuss' story that combines a unique blend of rhyme, rhythm, and repetition to tell a comedic and zany plot that teaches kids basic reading skills and pronunciation is going to be a sure hit with young children before bedtime. Just make sure to tell them that, in real life, green eggs and ham shouldn’t be consumed!


The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

This award-winning book by Shel Silverstein depicts the relationship between a selfless giving tree and a boy over the years. This picture book has been adapted into several languages. If you’re looking for a nostalgic and heartwarming tale for your kids, then this might be the perfect book for them.


Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

The story of the young pig Wilbur and the spider Charlotte is a heartwarming tale that is sure to tug on your heartstrings. Let your kids gain some insight on uncanny yet profound relationships with E.B. White’s classic novel.


Experience the benefits of reading a book with your kids!

Reading is a skill that greatly benefits those who enjoy it. Whether your kids enjoy fairy tales, short stories, or comic books, reading can be a fun yet learning activity for you and your child. Try out reading together and enjoy seeing your child grow!


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