Reading is for Life: Ways to Get Back to Reading

“I wish I had more time to read!”

More than once, I’ve spoken to a fellow bookworm about how they’re stuck in a reading rut. It’s a disgruntling feeling, realizing that you barely have time to go through a single page now when you could read through 600 pages before. Sometimes, a reader wonders what happened?

Books and reading are supposed to be sources of joy. The first thing we, as readers, should realize is that all these books will remain here and we can take our time reading them. Reading is not supposed to feel like a race--it’s not timed and it’s something you can definitely do for the rest of your life!

For book lovers wanting to reignite their reading habits, here are some things you can do to ease yourself back into the bookworm life:


Don’t treat reading like a chore

This is the first thing you should remember. Most people don’t feel excited when they have to wash a sink full of dirty dishes. Don’t treat reading books like washing dishes! It’s not supposed to be something you have to do.


In line with that, you also shouldn’t force yourself to finish reading a book. It is perfectly fine to put a book down after the first chapter if you don’t like it. Reading is supposed to be fun and relaxing! If you force yourself to read books just so you can say that you’ve read books, then you’ll push yourself further into a reading slump.


Start small

It’s tempting to read a 500-page novel right off the bat, but a lot of times, we need to ease into reading again. Finishing three short stories, a 50-page novella, or even just a literary newspaper article can help you read more, rather than forcing yourself to consume a huge literary piece.

This also applies to time! Life happens, and as much as we want to spend hours reading, sometimes we only have thirty minutes to spare. Don’t force yourself to read for hours on end when you know you can only do it for thirty minutes.


Get recommendations

Book recommendations are a great way to dip your feet into new territory. Through social media alone, you can get a ton of options in different genres. If you have the time, check out bookstores and libraries for their recommendations.


Read with a group!

Reading doesn’t always have to be done alone. Book clubs are an awesome way to commit yourself to reading and to make new friends. With book clubs, you not only keep each other on track, you can also discuss your current reads as a group. Plus, some book clubs have a reading list on hand which can help you remove that “What next?” question in your head when you finish your current book.


Re-read your favorites

Sometimes, we don’t need to rush into new books. Your favorites are your favorites for a reason!

Use nostalgia to your advantage. Re-reading your favorite books, meeting your favorite characters again, and experiencing your favorite moments the nth time around  might trigger your old reading habits.


It doesn’t have to be a book!

Most readers, when they think of getting back to reading, tend to pick up a physical book. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this! If reading a physical book is easier and more effective for you, then do so.

However, there are situations where it would be difficult to readan actual book. With technology, readers aren’t restricted to the traditional means of reading. If you’re stuck to your phone because of work or other reasons, you can opt to try out reading via your phone or listening to audiobooks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with both and either way, you get to enjoy a book once more.

These are just some things you can try out. Remember, reading isn’t something that you have to force and it’s something that you can do without pressure.. It’s also important to note that reading slumps can repeat and so, these are steps that you can repeat as well!