Non-Fiction for the Soul: Why You Should Read Non-Fiction Books

When we think of reading for pleasure, our thoughts mostly veer towards fantasy fictional books like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with reading fiction, but if you’re looking for something closer to home, then you might want to look at non-fiction books to read.

Non-fiction books are not only excellent sources of reading pleasure, but they are also excellent learning materials. If you’re the type of person who wants to continue expanding their knowledge while relaxing, then non-fiction books are your best bet! Check out our selection of non-fiction books for sale here in the Philippines.

Read more to learn about the benefits of reading non-fiction books and our non-fiction book recommendations.


What are Non-Fiction Books?

Non-fiction refers to literature based on fact and spans many topics, including but not limited to biographies, health, cooking, travel, history, self-help, true crime, science, and even humor. If it’s not rooted in fiction, then what you’re consuming can be considered as non-fiction. Examples of non-fiction books are Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl and Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.

Non-fiction books are narratives of real life. They discuss real-life events, making them all the more relatable and interesting. Considering its wide array of topics, there’s bound to be at least one non-fiction book for book lovers out there.


Benefits of Reading Non-Fiction Books

Reading itself already has a lot of benefits, but reading non-fiction amplifies some of those benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve your focus, learn a new skill, or just gain some new insights in life, reading non-fiction can definitely help you achieve that goal.

If you’re looking for a reason to read non-fiction books, then check out these benefits:


Improve your focus and concentration

Reading, in general, already improves your focus and concentration. Reading for at least 15 minutes every day helps you achieve a more focused mindset. This is better amplified when you read educational non-fiction books as you are trying to absorb information. Your brain will try to digest the logic and arguments, allowing your brain to stay sharp and focused.


Enhance your communication skills

Lessen the chances of being caught off-guard and at a loss for words by constantly consuming books! Reading already enhances your vocabulary, but reading non-fiction books gives you a better understanding of when and how to use these words even in everyday conversations. Being familiar with the writing styles of bestselling authors also help you become more articulate.


Learn new skills

Non-fiction books are great sources of information that can help you deepen and broaden your knowledge about new topics. Non-fiction is a valuable resource to learn new skills, whether it be a new language, cooking, or something technical.


Gain some valuable life insights

Some of the best non-fiction books of all time give an insider look into the most significant historical events through the eyes of important people. While you can absolutely read about historical events through an objective lens, reading it with the insights help you better understand the conditions at the time.

Reading through other’s perspectives can also give you more insights with how you can look at things. For instance, reading about


Feel empowered

Reading about real-life events and historical figures offer readers a more humanistic and nuanced perspective of these figures. Non-fiction books humanizes these figures, making you realize that these figures faced the same problems and felt the same emotions you did. Not only that, but you will be able to strengthen or correct ideas through your internal reflections aided by your insights from your books.

Non-fiction books are also educational, giving you more power as to how you can learn and absorb new information. There’s no need to just wait around, wanting to learn something new! Grab a book and start your journey.


Best Non-Fiction Books to Read


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

A classic and arguably one of the best non-fiction books of all time! The Diary of a Young Girl details the experiences of Anne Frank and her family in Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. The book has been lauded over the years and is still considered as one of the most powerful books that show the horrors of war and the strength of the human spirit.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This classic book may be considered as self-help by many people, but it is an unbelievably powerful piece of non-fiction. How to Win Friends and Influence People teaches you the best way to create social relations and how you can enrich your relationships.


A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

This one is for the people who like to ask the “big questions.”

In A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking talks about cosmology--the structure, origin, development, and possible eventual fate of the universe--in the simplest way possible. This book is written for people who have no prior knowledge of highly complex physics and is one of the most interesting and informative reads for curious people.


Explore and Learn More About the World with Non-fiction Books

People always say that books can transport you to a different time and place. The world we live in is interesting enough, you just need to look at it with the right lens. One of the best ways to explore the world (especially now that we can’t actually go out) is through books!


Learn more about the world we live in, explore, and empathize with other through non-fiction books!