How to Start a Reading Challenge

Jentri Fule

November 17 , 2021

How to Start a Reading Challenge

There three types of bookworms in the world: 1) someone who re-reads all their favorite titles over and over again, 2) someone who reads 1 or 2 new books every week, and 3) someone who doesn't really read throughout the year but once they take time off work, they go from 0 books for months to 3 books in a week!

Whichever group you belong in, I think there should be a 4th one: a bookworm who's willing to go through a book reading challenge.

At, we always celebrate the joy of reading. In this article, we talk about reading challenge ideas that will grow your love of reading and help you explore new books, authors, and genres.


What is a Reading Challenge?

A reading book challenge is simply a goal you set for reading books in a specific period of time. The goal can be related to the number of books you read, the types of books you read, a set of themes, or even how often you read in a week or a month.

Many bookworms and new readers take on a reading challenge because it's a simple yet fun way to add variety to their favorite pastime or hobby. It also helps ensure they read books from various genres and authors.

More importantly, there's no one-size-fits-all reading challenge list. They vary in purpose, style, and intensity, which is why it's important you come up with reading challenge ideas that suit your schedule and preferences. While a book reading challenge is definitely a great way to step out of your comfort zone and grow as a reader, it's still important that you enjoy the ride, not because you just want to do it for the sake of accomplishing it.

The next time you buy physical or online books in the Philippines, why not purchase ones for your personal reading challenge? Here are a few ideas and tips to get you started.


Reading Challenge Ideas for First-Timers

There are groups and communities all around the world that organize all sorts of reading challenges. Before you choose a pre-built book reading challenge or start creating your own, let's first talk about different reading challenge styles.

When you're about to start, it's tempting to dive deep into an ambitious reading challenge list filled with obscure titles and a strict reading schedule. If you think that works for you, go right ahead. However, if you feel like it'll overwhelm you, don't fret as there are still plenty of other styles to suit your pace and preferences.


Relaxed Reading Challenge

When we say relaxed, we don't mean that it won't be challenging anymore. In this context, we just mean that your reading challenge should match your lifestyle.

This type of book reading challenge is perfect for beginner readers or bookworms with a busy schedule. For this one, you have the freedom to decide on the number of books that you can read in a given period of time. It can be anything from one book per month to even two books every quarter. You call the shots!

Additionally, you're free to choose the books that you want to read. It can be the titles from your to-read list or new releases from your favorite author. This style is also great if you're looking for a simple way to get back into reading or you want to work through your current to-read list.


Tutti Frutti Reading Challenge

In Italian, tutti frutti means "all fruits." This reading challenge simply means that you'll be reading all kinds of different books from various genres and authors, be it poetry, psychological thrillers, classic literature, and non-fiction. Just make sure you alternate between the books every few weeks or months.

For instance, you can read two or three poetry books in one month, and then two or three fiction books the next month. Make sure you don't read from the same author too! Participating in this book reading challenge will greatly broaden your horizons by the time you're done. You can even try audiobooks, short story collections, or even graphic novels and comic books.


Deep Dive Reading Challenge

This reading book challenge is for the bookworms who are ready to commit! Basically, you can find one topic you're really interested in or pick books that are genre-specific. If you go with the first option and for instance, choose to read about climate change, you'll soon find out that knowledge is real power. It won't be long before you'll be an expert in greenhouse gas emissions and foreign policies that affect sustainability.

Alternatively, you can also select a genre that you haven't really delved into before. For instance, if you prefer slice-of-life novels, perhaps it's time to read magical realism or science fiction titles. It's a great way to push you beyond your usual reading comfort zone. Commit to a complex topic or read from authors who intimidate you! Who knows, you might end up loving them by the end of your reading challenge list.


Start Your Book Reading Challenge Today

Once you decide on your reading challenge list, you can start planning already. If you need ideas for books to read or themes for your list, this is where pre-built challenges can help you out. You can also ask your fellow bookworms for ideas and suggestions.

A reading challenge is a simple, personal, and quantitative action plan to work on knowledge development and personal growth. It's a great way to spend a reasonable dose of me-time and work towards an achievement to celebrate by the end of the challenge.