Are eBooks Better Than Printed Books?

Jentri Fule

August 12 , 2021

Are eBooks Better Than Printed Books?

With more options now on how you prefer to read, we can discover a wealth of knowledge in both mediums that better suit your needs!  It’s safe to say that eBooks have made it easier to look for any book title that catches our fancy. In fact, have made the search seamless for casual readers on where to buy eBooks.

After all, reading books will always be a great escape from the more prosaic realities of life. It allows us to imagine more, fall in love with ideas and get introspective over life. To be immersed in a whole new world, and meet wonderful characters whom we will learn to grow with and enjoy the company of.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the details of eBooks and its definition vs. printed books while highlighting the advantages of both. 


What are eBooks?

These are books that are made available in digital format, usually accessible on a touch screen device with a configurable display such as tablet, mobile device, or a dedicated eBook reader. The content is usually available on the internet or mobile apps. But, how to download eBooks, you ask? For digital devices, you can download free eBooks readers available online. From there, there are apps where you can browse, purchase, and download thousands of titles available online in all popular genres.

The best part of reading books is even if the story is finished, when you get to revisit the story a few years later, there can always be something new to discover! While we may have all begun our journey poring over a physical book first, an eBook is the more mobile and tech-savvy option with the ability to seamlessly transition through different interfaces with ease.


Innovating The Way We Read

Part of moving forward in the 21st century is coming up with innovative ideas that revolutionized the way people read. Back then, the biggest flex was having a personal library at home. eBooks have democratized that in a way because you can now have an entire library in a gadget only slightly bigger than the palm of your hand.

  • Lightweight, Personalized, and Mobile

The great thing about eBooks is that you can store hundreds, even thousands, of titles in a single device. In a few short decades, technology has successfully reduced the weight of books to a fraction of the weight of a tome. Plus, you can customize the size and type of the font for your reading pleasure. Thanks to these downsized features, you can easily bring eBooks anywhere without diminishing your enjoyment of the written word. Just don’t forget the charger.
  • Spoiled for Choice: Where Can I Download eBooks?

Sometimes, you have to pre-plan what you can bring for a vacation read and if you don’t like it mid-story, well, that’s too bad because that is what you can bring with your allotted baggage allowance. However, having a mobile device has made it easier because you can easily access and download eBooks anywhere at any given time as long as you have a connection to WiFi. Most published titles now have an eBook option and there are many sites that offer reputable downloads.
  • The Sustainable, Practical Choice

The relative convenience of having an eBook makes it an appealing choice for the constantly on-the-go people. There is also less wastage involved in the creation of a book. You don’t need to worry about losing your prized copy during, say, a flood. You get more choices for less space and at a fraction of the cost.


Preference for the Traditional Way of Reading

On the other hand, printed books are published versions that consist of pages that are bonded together with a front cover, a rear cover and the inside pages, and are traditionally sold in bookstores. Getting curled up with a book on a rainy day, that little fall of rain providing soothing background music while you read a gripping novel, as the cup of tea sits untouched for hours on end. Some readers are old-school souls with nostalgic associations with reading, and we can perfectly understand why. We have built an empire from this specific imagery of calm.

  • A Tactile Experience

We can almost consider it a bookworm's ritual when we’re reading a book for the first time. You open it gently, immerse in that new book smell (you all know what we’re talking about here), and enjoy the look and feel of paper as you skim through the pages before diving deep into the portals of different worlds.
  • A Better Appreciation for Book Art

The book physically appeals to our emotions and appreciation for the book art builds on that excitement. It took a lot of care to conceptualize the art of books with special techniques that we can’t help but appreciate the tactile factor of it. Book art gives the reader the value added service and complete experience of owning a certain book.
  • All Eyes on You

When we are reading, our eyes can get strained for an extended period. Page after page, as our interest in the story unfolds, it can be very taxing for our eyes. However, a physical book is designed to be eye-friendly with none of the glare and brightness of modern devices.


eBooks vs Printed Books: What Gets To Tell Your Story?

There is no right or wrong way of choosing how we consume books. As long as you are loving what you are reading, and discovering something new, we are all for it! At the end of the day, those are the same words in the stories that get to touch our hearts, regardless of how we consume them. So whatever you choose, you are already a winner.

Happy reading!